Overheating will accelerate the aging process of the cellulose paper and other insulation materials in a transformer, shortening it useful life over time. read more»


Pressure builds within a transformer due to temperature increases sustained A14:E17 an internal fault situation or under excess load, negatively impacting the tank walls and other internal components. read more»


Over time excess moisture can degrade the insulation properties in a transformer. This negatively affects both the solid (paper) and liquid (oil) insulation with the transformer reducing its useful life. read more »

Liquid Level

Monitoring the level of insulating fluid within a transformer is vital to its health. A high level may indicate overfilling or overheating whereas a low level may indicate a catastrophic leak in the system.


Overheating and arching in a transformer can liberate a variety of gases that can be used to pinpoint potential problem areas and help avoid catastrophic failures. read more»

Partial Discharge

Partial discharge monitoring provides information such as location on the small electrical sparks that occur within the insulation as a result of aging or deterioration.